Inspirational Photo Comparison Of 75gr Bthp 70gr Gmx and 70gr Tsx

photo-comparison-of-75gr-bthp-70gr-gmx-and-70gr-tsx-I have not loaded any of the GMX bullets yet but here is a photo in parison to a 75gr Hornady BTHP and the 70gr Barnes TSX GMX is the center bullet

parison of 75gr BTHP 70gr GMX and 70gr TSX bullets from photo comparison of 75gr bthp 70gr gmx and 70gr tsx,

hornady s new 70gr 223 gmx bullet huntingnut forums albums • albums 304 • hornady s new 70gr 223 gmx bullet "the bullet is the same profile as the 75 gr bthp when i tested this bullet

70gr TSX 5.56 Ballistic Gel Test

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